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JSC JavaScript

JSC Ultra employs the latest technology from JSC. With JSC Ultra templates you can create web applications for all or any of JSC supported platforms. In addition to multi-platform seamless integration, advanced features are primarily supported with Ultra Templates.

JSC Supports:
  • JavaScript
  • Flash ActionScript (coming up soon)
  • Java  (coming up soon)
  • PHP (under development) 
  • Google App Engine (under development)
  • Closely integrated with ASP.NET

Applications are written in C# or VB, within Microsoft .Net and Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. No plugins additional are required, the code is converted to Native JavaScript. Translated code is NOT Microsoft's jscript, but similar to using generic JavaScript, you can include browser specific code as required.

Use all the power of C# or VB as well as Microsoft .Net. No limitations of file size or architecture. The larger and more complex your project, the better suited it is for JSC. 

Since all your JSC target platforms use the same translation model, you can write seamless common code to share among your platforms. So you could have the vast majority of your important code within a common project or files, and have them shared among any platform.

With JSC JavaScript we have defined Namespaces to access all JavaScript DOM controls. And with the Ultra Application you can use HTML controls seamlessly inside your JavaScript Application.

Some of the basic and advanced features of JSC and JSC Ultra are listed below. To get started simply go to our download page and install JSC. Then create your first application using Visual Studio Templates and by following one of our tutorials.

JavaScript HTML DOM

JSC JavaScript has access to HTML DOM objects from C#/VB .Net. JSC provides you complete control and flexibility and helps you build your JavaScript Applications with ease.

HTML Integration

Fully integrated web page design, JSC provides direct reference to your HTML objects from C#/VB .Net. Use the HTML web designer as a leverage to build your code and later integrate to your main website, or use it to build your JavaScript and HTML portals or client applications. JSC provides you seamless integration.

Visual Basic XML Literals to XHTML

JSC JavaScript for Visual Basic introduces a great new concept. Using XML Literals, JSC can build these into HTML tags and be used to build webpages. This provides a powerful way to build XHTML applications for JavaScript. All using JSC in Visual Studio, Microsoft .Net. And inherits the benefits of the built-in Intellisense from Visual Studio.

Code Shareability

JSC JavaScript enjoys the benefits of all JSC platforms, able to use shared common code within the .Net framework. Code once, reduce error introduced due to manual porting. Benefit from the efficiencies of building your projects in a single framework. 

Object Oriented C# or VB

Microsoft .Net with C#/VB exist within the Object Oriented philosophy. Your JavaScript project architecture cannot help but be elegantly architected using these programming languages and framework. JavaScript as a framework can handle large and complex applications, but as a development language is not optimized. With JSC JavaScript, large projects and complex solutions are second nature.

Code Obfuscation

We understand the value of your work. Internet browsers expose every line of your hard labored source code. JSC JavaScript has built-in code obfuscation, so your JavaScript code can remain yours. You can still debug this by co-relating to your clean and clear C#/VB code, but others will have a virtually impossible task to uncover your JavaScript code.

Multi-Platform Integration

JSC Ultra Application template provides an integrated solution for all our supported JSC platforms. Any JSC supported platform can exist on its own or as a piece of a larger integrated infrastructure with other web clients and services.

AJAX Simplified

JSC technology lets you make server calls by simply invoking its methods directly. no need to build messaging systems of communication handling. JSC builds it all for you automatically. Just make a method call to the server as if the server was built right-in into the client itself. Then build and run and the client and server will interact over the network. Currently only supported for JavaScript and ASP.NET.

Compiled Code

Compiled code is not just a step we take for granted. Scripting languages cannot evaluate code before Runtime. With JSC JavaScript, every line of your JavaScript C#/VB is compiled TWICE: by Microsoft compiler, then re-compiled with JSC compiler into JavaScript. You will never again have syntax errors in your JavaScript code again. Or function parameter guessing, or non-declared variables, or non-assigned variables, etc. 


Microsoft Visual Studio provides seamless and integrated Namespace and API auto-completion. JSC is fully integrated with Visual Studio and have access to this feature with all our supported platforms.

Third Party Libraries Support

There are many non-standard libraries you depend on for developing applications. With JSC you can import these libraries and use them, all within the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .Net environments.