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JSC Multi-platform

 JSC and .NET to develop Multi-platform web Applications for JavaScript, Java, Flash ActionScript and PHP

JSC Multi-Platform and Microsoft .NET enables the ability to develop Web Client applications for JavaScript, Java and Flash ActionScript. As well as Web Services such as PHP and Java servlets including Google App Engine. With JSC Multi-platform you can enjoy the benefits of developing all your target platforms in .NET C# or VB, using  Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. JSC Multi-platform offers efficiency and seamless code re-usability all which translate to cost-savings. 


JSC JavaScript

 JSC and .Net to develop JavaScript Client Applications

JSC brings JavaScript to the world of  type checking, compilers and productivity. With Microsoft Visual Studio and C#/VB, large and complex JavaScript projects will be efficient and well structured. And best of all you can share common code among all JSC supported platforms. It's never been easier to share common code between JavaScript, Flash and PHP projects. Try JSC and you will see the difference.

JSC Explore

Browser and Reflector

JSC Explore browses directory structures from local directories, remote websites and local registry.  Reflection of .NET DLL files, Java class files and Flash SWC/SWF files.

Includes code analysis, CIL code viewer, drag and drop and search functionality.
 (Coming Up Soon)

JSC Flash ActionScript

 JSC and .Net to develop Flash ActionScript Client Applications

Flash ActionScript has never been easier using .Net and Microsoft Visual Studio.  Write better code, share common code with other JSC platforms, even with PHP or Google App Engine.  C#/VB are easy to learn and with Visual Studio IDE your large and complex ActionScript projects will be the best written and efficiently developed. Think of your time and cost savings. And leveraging common code with other platforms you will wonder how you ever did without it.  Learn more about JSC.


(Coming up Soon)

JSC Java

  JSC and .Net to develop Java Client Applications and Java servlets

With JSC, Java applications can also be developed with a .Net project in Microsoft Visual Studio. We know Java has been around for a long time and C# and Java are closely related languages. But never before could you share code seamlessly between your Web platforms as we have done with JSC.  JSC also supports Java servlets.

(Under development)


JSC and .Net to develop PHP Server Applications

Develop your entire PHP service with JSC and .Net inside Microsoft Visual Studio. Take in all the advantages of Microsoft Visual Studio and .Net languages C#/VB, JSC will convert it all to PHP. Large and complex PHP projects can be a difficult challenge, with JSC you're now assisted with type-checking and compilation and even Object Oriented architecture. And of course, sharing common code between JSC platforms also makes this a smooth ride. 

(Under development)

JSC Google App Engine (Java)

JSC and .Net to develop Google App Engine Server Applications

JSC brings together Google App Engine, Microsoft Visual Studio and .Net C#/VB. With so many platforms and frameworks to choose from, we know you have tough decisions to make between Java servlets, ASP.NET or PHP. With JSC, all of them can be built together, sharing common code, and Google App Engine is no exception. Microsoft Visual Studio as your IDE, C#/VB is all you need to build a robust service with Google App Engine. And switch to PHP or ASP.NET with much ease using JSC. Say good bye to platform lock-in. JSC brings you reduced risk, platform freedom and development efficiencies.


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