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What is JSC?

JSC is a cross-compiler where you can develop web applications using Microsoft dotNet C#/VB within the best-in-class Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

Why JSC? There already many IDEs that support multiple languages/platforms?

JSC uses Microsoft dotNet in C#/VB as the common/unifying language and platform to build multi-web-platform target applications. 

I don't require multiple platforms, but I like the idea of developing with C#/VB .Net for my target platform, is this possible?

Of course. You're free to mix and match as to what platforms you wish to target, and write your applications accordingly.

What are the advantages and benefits of using JSC?

JSC uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with C#/VB which are arguably the best in class development tools for application development.

JSC allows consolidation of multiple target platforms into a single project and solution. No longer will you need to constantly port your code from one language platform to the other. Use Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, the best in the industry. Use C# or VB programming language for all your platforms. Share your valuable common code in a single stream and let JSC do the cross-platform porting for you.
       If you're starting a new project and can't decide on a target Web Platform? Start with one target platform, easily add another, and another. Support multiple platforms with efficiency and less resources. Build and test all your code in .Net, then re-use the most important common code in all supported platforms. 
       JSC enables web development freedom by not locking you in to a single web platform. Protect your investments and minimize risks by easily targeting and developing into multiple platforms.

What do you mean by "platform"?

JSC supports JavaScript (web browser platform), Flash ActionScript (Adobe Flash platform), Java (Oracle's Java platform) and PHP (PHP platform). In addition to being able to integrate with .NET platform with ASP.NET, WPF and Forms. By definition these web platforms already support Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac's. So when we say platforms, we really mean platforms!

What web platforms are supported currently?

JavaScript. Coming up soon support for Flash ActionScript and Java. Future: PHP and Google App Engine.

Does JSC JavaScript implementation rely on Silverlight?

No, JSC converts dotNet code into Native JavaScript. Your JavaScript will run on any standard browser without requiring Silverlight.

What versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, .Net, Flex/Flash, JavaScript, Java and PHP are required/supported?

Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2010 Editions, Microsoft .Net 4.0 Adobe Flex version 4.x, Flash 10+, JavaScript on Firefox 3.0+, Internet Explorer 4.0+/ 5.0+, Opera 8+, Chrome 2+, Java JRE/JDK 6+, PHP 4.0+

Do I need a full Microsoft Visual Studio license to use JSC?

No. JSC works just fine with Microsoft Express Editions, which are free to use for commercial use. 

Do I need to be knowledgeable in Java/Flash AS/PHP programming and platforms to build applications for those platforms?

JSC provides complete support into the Visual Studio IDE including word completion and method completion, as is common with .Net C#/VB applications. We also provide documentation and sample applications for all platforms to help you learn how to write applications in multiple platforms. Some knowledge of your target platform does help, but we provide you the tools to make it easy for you.

What technology do you use to create Java/Flash/PHP applications using C#/VB?

JSC Libraries expose multi-platform libraries within Visual Studio C#/VB IDE. The JSC compiler extracts Common Intermediate Code (CIL) from a .Net assembly and filters out the target classes and language platform for which to translate. JSC does not employ source code-parsing techniques which can often lead to inaccurate translations. JSC's method via CIL is most effective and flexible for cross-translations.

Can I convert old code?

Previously written code can be made to compile for cross-platform portability.

How integrated is it into Visual Studio IDE?

JSC is fully integrated into MS Visual Studio 2010 IDE.

Will I need to distribute any special libraries with my applications?

All JSC applications require special mapping libraries that need to be included with your distribution. These libraries map directly to Native methods for each of the platforms. These libraries are also dynamically built with your code at compile time.

How Open is the software?

Some JSC libraries are open source and can be found here:

Are there any special steps I need to port the application to multiple platforms?

A post-build process is required and is already configured in the sample projects provided. You can review these parameters inside your project properties of a sample application.

Can my applications integrate to a back-end or client-side database?

Current server support is ASP.NET, so anything goes for that environment's back-end. 

What limitations am I bound by using JSC libraries?

We understand we don't yet support every single Native entity for each platform, but we're working very hard to add those with most value. We do believe the current level of support is extensive to allow many types of cross-platform applications to be developed. Please help us by letting us know which ones you'd like to see added.
   In addition, within your Visual Studio 2010 project you can create prototypes for any Native class you wish to use for your target platform or platforms, so in reality JSC is capable of supporting all Native classes. Go to our examples section to show you how this is done.

How do I debug applications in different platforms?

The current method of building applications is to build and debug the application completely in .Net. so that the shared code is bug-free. Then test with the target platform in the environment provided by the platform, such as Firebug for Javascript in Firefox. In addition, Console.Writeline statements can be used for debugging in all platforms. 

Can I use external libraries?

Any C#/VB non-UI code can be easily added as long as source-code is provided. We're working hard to allow automatic addition of platform-dependent external libraries. For now, external library importing must be done manually.  

Will JSC run on Mono?

It should. Currently we only fully support Windows .Net.  Further testing required.

Do you provide Consulting services?

We do provide Consulting services. Contact us at or fill out our feedback form in our Supports page.

What is your licensing model?

Usage Model. 30 free compiles per day. Credits for purchase or unlimited usage license.