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Getting Started

Follow these steps to develop your first JSC project. 

1. Install JSC by going to And follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure to fill-in the correct location for each of the platforms. Some Windows versions ask whether the application was installed correctly, answer yes.

Follow Installation instructions for more details on the installation and requirements.

2. Open Project Template using Visual Studio 2010 Full Edition or the Microsoft Web Developer Express Edition 2010. Click on File->New->Project->C# (or VB under Other Languages)->>Web Application.
This Template will allow you to build for JavaScript client with ASP.NET server.

3. Run and debug the project by hitting F5 (Debug->Run). Your browser window will come up and generate the project for you as well as run it on the browser.

4. That's it. Now go back and make any changes to the code and get familiar with the classes and API calls. Remember since it is using ASP.NET debug mode you are able to debug the server directly in Visual Studio. This won't be the case when you're running servers other than ASP.NET.