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Build Configurations

Microsoft Visual Studio provides pre and post build events.

  Debug server side code (F5)  Rebuild assets if newer Rebuild assets always Generate server packages
 Debug YESYES   
 Assets   YES 
 Release  YES  YES


In Debug build configuration jsc front-end compiler will not be invoked. You will however be able to launch your Ultra Application for debugging. While loading jsc will rewrite parts of your application to javascript, actionscript and java. You will be able to debug your server side code. You can also attach the debugger to the generated javascript and debug the client too. [video]


In Assets build configuration jsc front-end compiler will scan your project for assets and update the UltraSource asset library. This generated assembly will contain variations of the assets you may want to use. Unused assets will be remove in the final build.

In a post build event jsc front-end compiler will be able to merge your assembly and the generated asset library into a single assembly at a given location. This is useful for building common components.


In Release build configuration jsc front-end compiler will convert your application for chosen platforms.

  1. Debug - jsc front-end will not be invoked
  2. Assets - Assets are downloaded and packaged as components to be used in your application
  3. Release - your application is being built and proxy code is injected for seamless integration experience


Pre-build event command line:
if not $(ConfigurationName)==Assets goto :eof
C:\util\jsc\bin\jsc.meta.exe ReferenceJavaScriptDocument /ProjectFileName:"$(ProjectPath)" /IsMerge:true

Post-build event command line:

if not $(ConfigurationName)==Release goto :eof
c:\util\jsc\bin\jsc.meta.exe RewriteToJavaScriptDocument /assembly:"$(TargetFileName)"  /flashplayer:"C:\util\flex\runtimes\player\win\FlashPlayer.exe" /mxmlc:"C:\util\flex\bin\mxmlc.exe" /javapath:"c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_14\bin"