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5. Installing Google App Engine -Java (NOT READY)

Writing JSC applications for Google App Engine is currently not available. we're working to bring this back online. If you have interest in this topic please send us feedback to help us prioritize our queue.

JSC implements Google App Engine Java Version.
Google App Engine for Java is a Java Servlet standard web app.
It is required to first install Java SE Development Kit prior to installing Google App Engine for Java.

You will also be required to install Apache ANT, instructions follow after the SDK steps below. Apache ANT is a build tool similar to MAKE.

Install Google App Engine SDK for Java:

1. Download the zip file at the following location:

2. Create a directory for the GAE SDK. We recommend under: c:\util\

3. Extract from the Zip file into the directory
    Will create a directory such as: c:\util\appengine-java-sdk-1.2.5

Install Apache ANT

1. Download the latest binary version zip file from this location:

2. Choose a folder location, preferably at c:\util

3. Unpack the Zip file at your chosen location. 
    Will create a directory such as:   C:\util\apache-ant-1.7.1