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4. Installing PHP Runtime (NOT READY)

Writing JSC applications for PHP is currently not available. we're working to bring this back online. If you have interest in this topic please send us feedback to help us prioritize our queue.

PHP is a general purpose scripting language originally designed for dynamic web services.
PHP source code is interpreted at runtime, as such, there is no compiler associated with it. 
JSC PHP translates into PHP source code that can be used with the PHP interpreter either directly or within a web server environment.

JSC does not require PHP interpreter to create PHP source code, but the interpreter is required for you to run PHP applications. 
You can install PHP anywhere, preferably in the PHP installer default location.

Note: your web server may already be running PHP5, and you may not require to do anything. Also, some web server vendors have their own pre-configured PHP versions that you can use. Visit your web server vendor website to review the best option.

JSC supports PHP5+.

To install PHP:

1. Download PHP installer from this location:

2. Follow the on-screen instructions.