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2. Installing Flash ActionScript Compiler (Coming Up Soon)

JSC Flash Applications are ActionScript applications. The Flex SDK 4.x includes a compiler for Actionscript source code.
It is recommended you first install Java JRE (included in Java SDK) prior to installing Flex.

To install Flex SDK:

1. Download the Flex 4 SDK zip file from the following location


JSC currently supports version 4.x

2. Create a directory for Flex SDK. We recommend: c:\util\flex

3. Extract from the Zip file into the directory

4. make sure Java JRE has been installed and the following environment variable is defined in the system path: java_home/bin directory 

5. It is also recommended to install the Debug Flash Player from the Flex install directory flex_directory_root/runtimes/player/<version>/win/InstallPlugin.exe.

6. Restarting the computer will make sure the browser plugin is properly updated, but is not required to start building Flash ActionScript applications with JSC.