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Installation Instructions

Learn how to install and use JSC.

My First JSC Project

If you're new to JSC we highly recommend you visit this page to learn a brief tutorial on JSC components as well as building your first JSC multi-platform web solution.

Discussion Board

Feel free to post any questions or find answers in our discussion board hosted by Google Groups. This board is monitored daily by JSC staff.

Programming Guidelines

Please read our programming guidelines before embarking on a JSC based project. You will find here important information to help you in creating or porting your multi-platform project.

Reference Libraries

Extensive documentation on supported libraries.


Answers to frequently asked questions regarding JSC products.


These tutorials will help you get started on JSC, compiling applications, and more. These tutorials will help you better understand how to build applications using JSC. Choose your target platform or platforms and build your first hello world application using JSC.

Example Applications and Templates

More than 150 sample applications and templates with complete IDE project files and source code. Classified by category and platform.


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